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Saturday, 18 May 2019 

about www.sitedish.com
Site Dish is an open collective and Web site experimenting with art, interface design, online community and content delivery methods.

Raquel Rivera <email Raquel>
Raquel Rivera is a visual artist practising drawing, printmaking, book arts, Web art and writing. Her work has appeared in Web art festivals, e-zines and journals. She co-founded Site Dish with Kim Chua and IMHO with Jeannette Lambert. Raquel also publishes the old-fashioned way under her own imprint Small Books, which were selected for Project Bookmobile's North American touring book exhibition.
Kim Chua <email Kim>
When he is not making ice-cream and soya milk, Kim is a graphic artist and mac-o-phile with special interests in human-computer interaction and video editing/compositing/streaming. He co-founded and maintains www.sitedish.com as a home for art/tech experiments and it continues to serve as a display case for his collection of interference and anything that malfunctions.

Jeannette Lambert <email Jeannette>
Montreal web artist Jeannette Lambert began using internet creatively five years ago, when she kept an award-winning journal online. Since then she has produced a series of internet films and web art projects which have been exhibited in Japan, Australia, Austria, the USA, Canada, France and Holland. She incorporates original music, poetry, photography and film in her web art projects. Her background as a professional jazz vocalist inspired her to create a website for women in jazz, Jazz Grrls.
Michael McGuffin <email Michael>
Michael McGuffin is a graduate student studying human-computer interaction at the University of Toronto. He strives to use the computer as a laboratory for experiments in visual design, interaction techniques, and synthetic worlds. His favourite creations are graphical, playful, and abstract. http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/~mjmcguff/
Johanna Tesson <email Johanna>
Johanna Tesson reviews everything she reads. She also rants, raves, jigs, reels, and blogs. This involves paper, pens, a violin and some wires and bits of string called the Internet.
Rafael Barreto-Rivera <email Rafael>
Rafael Barreto-Rivera is a poet, translator, performer, and co-founder of the internationally-recognized sound poetry ensemble, Four Horsemen. He has performed and read his work throughout Canada and in the United States and Europe. His publications include poetry books and sound-poetry collaborations with the Four Horsemen.
Noemi LoPinto <email Noemi>
Noemi LoPinto is a prolific writer of non-fiction, rants, hate mail, love letters, CV's, grant applications, curses and recipes. originally from Montreal, Quebec, Noemi now lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She writes for Alberta Venture, Alberta Views, edits and writes for magazines like Food For Thought, Your Health and whatever else is thrown at her. Her ultimate goal is to write the definitive creative non-fiction novel and change the course of human history. In the meantime she will keep on keepin' on like The Littlest Hobo, only with less fur, a better vocabulary and on two legs. Same musical theme, though.
John Mansfield <email John>
John Mansfield is an Australian writer, editor, and freelance shitkicker. He has recently decided to give up shitkicking and become a fulltime dropout, which will only make it harder to finance his bi-monthly magazine, Total Cardboard.
DeAnne Smith <email DeAnne>
DeAnne Lyn Smith digs words. After slinging them for four years as an English teacher in Mexico, she's now serving them up freelance in Montreal. Her poetry has appeared in what is finally too many places to list (she's crossing her fingers for that Pushcart) and you can check out archives of her humor column, Flipside, at technodyke.com.

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