Wednesday, 10 December 2003 


At first Jacqueline is pleased when she lands herself a job with a local stock footage library, but even the best entry-level jobs lose their charm in...


   (excerpt from the book) ... I found him to be the most droll person I had ever met. He said all kinds of silly things with a straight face. His big beard made it look straight anyway. But after a few months of him looking resentful and asking me constantly "Why are you laughing?" I realized that maybe he hadn't spent his life studying Monty Python or anything, but maybe he meant all those weird things.

   He decided after his big trip abroad that he wanted to set up an office in South Africa. This was right in the middle of all the boycotts, Nelson Mandela was in jail, I mean, I don't think so! I dropped my jaw when we discussed this and laughed, (of course) and he inevitably asked me what I was laughing at and Suzanne took it upon herself to save me at this moment and explained to him that Canada didn't do business with South Africa anymore. That it is a government policy. And she said that he had even agreed with her to turn down a client in South Africa a few months ago, for this very reason. He got very offended and started arguing with us that Canada had sold a nuclear reactor to Eastern Europe without the manual for the thing and that was just as bad as apartheid, besides which there was very good film footage of wild animals in South Africa that we would all love very much. And it was one of those days when we were all reminded that a boss is a boss.


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