Wednesday, 10 December 2003 

Stories and pictures - the best thing about all books.
latest book: What must she be thinking?
An alphabet book
web and pdf versions by Raquel Rivera, 2000

A bizarre dream, in any order.
by Raquel Rivera, 2000
Key words for a healthy corporate career
by Raquel Rivera, 2000
5 lives
Five cats tread gently across the author's consciousness.
by Raquel Rivera, 2000
The Neighbours
A story from Singapore
by Raquel Rivera, 2000
Noblewomen | web and print
A light-hearted description of 7 of history's most vivacious women.
by Raquel Rivera, 1995
Pink Ghetto
Illustrated excerpt from "Tales from the Pink Collar Ghetto"
by Jeannette Lambert, 1995
Illustrated excerpt from "Secrets of a Middle Class Education"
by Jeannette Lambert, illustrated by Raquel Rivera, 1993

Buy my Small Books!
Small Books is a self-publishing venture
by Raquel Rivera, 2000