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<jeanNet> okay . . .uhm, so the topic is girlfriends

<jeanNet> I thought maybe stream of consciousness reminiscing

<jeanNet> I was gonna say - I didn't drink coffee till boyfriend espresso came along

<jeanNet> lots of fries
<jeanNet> and you told me how to shave my legs, that I remember distinctly

<jeanNet> my mother blames my hairy legs on you

<jeanNet> no, couldn't have orange cheddar cheese, not my fault

<jeanNet> she thinks if I hadn't shaved them they would have been hairless, ha ha

<jeanNet> she calls eyebrow plucking self-mutilation though, good hippy mom

<jeanNet> oh, just progressively lazier about shaving, hence longer hair with sharper ends

<jeanNet> the plucking you mean - I screwed up and shaved my eyebrows with Espresso's nose hair clipper - no turning back now

<jeanNet> they are thin to start with
<jeanNet> and then we hung out in the office at alternative high school

<jeanNet> Oh!! I do remember having a conversation with you in the library and screwing up your future

<jeanNet> you remember

<jeanNet> told you how we could just head to University early in Fine Arts
<jeanNet> you did go and draw dead bodies though
<jeanNet> So clever, university at seventeen
<jeanNet> yes, sorry about that - not sure why the idea of you being a doctor disgusted me so

<jeanNet> what?

<jeanNet> didn't like doctors, blame hippy parents again, ha

<jeanNet> no, it didn't disgust me, I was just very happy to learn the trick of getting OUT of highschool, need to share

<jeanNet> that's a good technician
<jeanNet> I forgot University was kind of like highschool but bigger and less fun

<jeanNet> oh, the technician thing

<jeanNet> I actually wasn't all that concerned about proper career paths, maybe should have been more alert then

<jeanNet> yes, nasty program full of boys wanting to blow up cars, yawn, and cost so much in materials too - your program was better

<jeanNet> everyone dressed better anyway

<jeanNet> in a dark, gloomy little basement with editing machines, and lots of sneaky professors

<jeanNet> good to have girlfriends then, phew
<jeanNet> so I could bitch about the tiresome sexist film department

<jeanNet> oh, and he was the good professor

<jeanNet> yes, true, not cool at all

<jeanNet> Oh! I remember when you walked passed 200 people with your skirt tucked in your pantyhose
* jeanNet is sweet, eh?

<jeanNet> I wasn't the saint who told you either, that was some other girl

<jeanNet> I tell everyone about it though

<jeanNet> yes, she was very excited

<jeanNet> maybe that's why it stuck as a memory
<jeanNet> that and you giggling very nervously during something like "Our Bodies Our Selves"

<jeanNet> well, it did teach me to check forever after

<jeanNet> one of those Women's Studies things

<jeanNet> where the teaching assistants were all men - remember that silly t.a.? who ate an avocado with his hands during class?

<jeanNet> that was so wrong of him - he said you and I had "downtown Toronto" accents,
<jeanNet> oops, in sync

<jeanNet> hey, I am sure he accused you too - he was some kind of Scottish or something

<jeanNet> oh dear, alone in my downtown-ness

<jeanNet> he wasn't very good
<jeanNet> oh cool

<jeanNet> I am such a girlfriend - I have been shovelling your cat around the world - he has lived on the Riviera and in Montreal and now in Chinatown in Toronto again
* jeanNet is saint cat saviour


<jeanNet> although to be fair, if that is what makes a girlfriend my father has been doing a fine job
<jeanNet> since I shovel Spike to him lots

<jeanNet> I think Spike is just very good at getting adopted
<jeanNet> many people keep threatening to take him

<jeanNet> like seriously really - he is very handsome and large
<jeanNet> shits up a storm though

<jeanNet> no that's true
<jeanNet> I am in NYC today, tell us where you are


<jeanNet> we've been very good - I can remember a day in Paris when you didn't have e-mail - fax fax fax to Singapore then

<jeanNet> yes, footloose next month - girlfriends visit girlfriends while vagabonding


<jeanNet> I like this caps lock thing

<jeanNet> oh yeah, Amsterdam, Barcelona, world traveller babes we be

<jeanNet> we basically don't necessarily do real phone stuff lots, letters and faxes and e-mails
<jeanNet> online chat is very good

<jeanNet> a bit out of sync but nearly like being there

<jeanNet> yes, important to be frugal because then you can say more
<jeanNet> and then when we do meet up after years of not seeing one another it isn't all weird and uncomfy

<jeanNet> it is very comfy

<jeanNet> exactly

<jeanNet> or talking about things and not relating
<jeanNet> having missed big chunks of lifetime

<jeanNet> don't feel obliged to live next door to one another to keep in touch - can report back adventures in travelling

<jeanNet> oh, that's so nice and girlfriendy!!

<jeanNet> I get very annoyed when we are out of touch
<jeanNet> what is she doing? I wonder - did her machine break?

<jeanNet> well, it's not so obvious to come across people who understand just how strange we really are - so you don't have to explain it all the time

<jeanNet> yes, definitely addiction

<jeanNet> I often think my life is a quest to entertain others with my e-mail - that gives it meaning anyway
<jeanNet> yes, definitely, over 15 years and how many really in the same city? half that
<jeanNet> but we are exceptional and weird, creating art online too

<jeanNet> maybe pioneers of online artsy fartsy bonding

<jeanNet> Girl Power!

<jeanNet> well, yeah I think so

<jeanNet> that's like layer number gazzillion to our keeping in touch

<jeanNet> no one would believe we made our art online if we were roommates, I'll bet

<jeanNet> we'll stick URL's in later, to show how super we are

<jeanNet> very true

<jeanNet> I think it is important when vagabonding like we do to have a grounding/connecting thing to our previous lives maybe?

<jeanNet> since we are always arriving in strange new places, being the new girls
<jeanNet> oh, but we did that topic already

<jeanNet> christ, why did I know that might come up?
<jeanNet> I thought it was just hanging out, ha ha.

<jeanNet> I am still impressed that you were good enough to be dragged along

<jeanNet> you are rather nicer than me about social disasters like that

<jeanNet> oh, he LOVED it

<jeanNet> I don't think I could have been convinced to go to that movie if he'd asked you
<jeanNet> must be kept in their place
<jeanNet> always pestering us

<jeanNet> so UNCOMFY - comfort before all else
<jeanNet> oh, I probably would have bullied you into cancelling it

<jeanNet> oh dear, I still feel guilty

<jeanNet> which one?
<jeanNet> when?

<jeanNet> I remember convincing you to dump a boyfriend, the same one a few times really

<jeanNet> hmmm, don't recall

<Quel> or she fought with me anyway

<jeanNet> she wasn't very nice to you, I think

<jeanNet> some girlfriends don't last very long
<jeanNet> they are related to some kind of time/space thing that ends

<jeanNet> you said it!

<jeanNet> well, we are bad for that - we've had some funny dream synchronicity too
<jeanNet> and things like that
<jeanNet> you draw a flood and so I dream of one
<jeanNet> that kind of thing

<jeanNet> your cat goes missing so I wake up in a panic

<jeanNet> some write everything down
<jeanNet> when Spike was adopted by the Chinese grocer and deflea-ed

<jeanNet> and you went to the Humane Society to look at dead cats from the road

<jeanNet> and came home weeping on the subway,

<jeanNet> so I woke in a panic from a dream all sad and worried about YOUR cat

<jeanNet> and you called to tell me that, about all the sad cats you'd seen
<jeanNet> then we found him meowing at the grocer's door, like he lived there forever
<jeanNet> he's a pesky cat

<jeanNet> yes, when he dropped out of the window as a kitten

<jeanNet> he has good survival instincts

<jeanNet> he had an eye problem recently, current adoptive parent called me
<jeanNet> I had a dream his litter was too deep, too dusty

<jeanNet> so now it is fine. He bothers me in my sleep with his litter problems
<jeanNet> crazy cat

<jeanNet> I am a good girlfriend to Spike the cat

<jeanNet> yeah, so I think we've got the girlfriend nonsense covered

<jeanNet> uhm
<jeanNet> I was going to babble more about that cat, but never mind
<jeanNet> he's not a girlfriend

<jeanNet> why was she anti-grrl?

<jeanNet> oh - explain

<jeanNet> grrl role model maybe?

<jeanNet> kind of like Heather Locklear?

<jeanNet> girl for herself
<jeanNet> why for?

<jeanNet> *oops*

<jeanNet> I didn't have Volavka, but everyone who did seemed very affected by her

<jeanNet> she had a real philosophy, methinks

<jeanNet> yes?

<jeanNet> open-minded and communicating

<jeanNet> communicating is very important to girlfriends

<jeanNet> coolness

<jeanNet> that is political really, assuming everyone has a valid and important point of view

<jeanNet> still good though, and we have cut and paste

<jeanNet> egalitarian - definitely a way to be, a philosophy

* jeanNet too
<jeanNet> it's good to have role models
<jeanNet> not enough around
<jeanNet> more goddesses please

<jeanNet> that is a good goal, I share that

<jeanNet> shall we stop?
<jeanNet> I'll go read the big fat newspaper

<jeanNet> well, nice chattin' with you girlfriend

<jeanNet> 'kay, bye!

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