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This is version 2.

Due to circumstances, is no longer actively maintained, 23/03/2007.

The content remains the same growing collection of Web experiments and ARTifacts using image, animation, video, writing, and the various toys that technology offers. is an open collective and Web site experimenting with art, interface design, online community and content delivery methods for internet. Happy browsing in subtle html - no flashiness here. Hint: when in doubt, reload/refresh/rethrow the dice...

The ever-growing collection of wwwork in image, interactivity, animation and technologies that keep bubbling up all over.
Random work: Some shockwave projects

in my hysterical opinion...
An e-zine dedicated to the love of books, jazz music, videos and personal perspective.

Motion graphics for the web
Featured video: Shaken, not stirred
Random video: Knife (QTVR)

id02 (renovation in progress)
Computers, interference, gimmicks & gadgets
Random error: Coming soon...

forums shut down for good. 2009

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